Field Force President and Founder Mariana Rodriguez and co-founder Anthony Rodriguez are supported by experienced, highly qualified senior staffs who share their dedication to courteous customer service, strict attention to detail and absolute professionalism. Every member of the Field Force senior management team has a minimum of fifteen years’ experience in the security field; in fact, most are former law enforcement professionals. The nature of their law enforcement experience ranges from detective work and investigations to special assignments such as robbery task force and mounted patrol. All are licensed by the State of Florida as Security Managers and/or Private Investigators.


Targeted recruitment, rigid screening and an excellent benefits program result in a better class of applicants for security officer positions at Field Force. We place such importance on staff qualifications that we have established a separate division of the company exclusively for dealing with employment issues.

Once selected through the initial recruitment process, all prospective security officers must pass an extensive pre-employment screening which includes:

  • In-depth background check using law enforcement databases
  • Past employment verification
  • Verification of character references
  • Neighborhood canvass
  • Written/oral communications test
  • Mandatory drug testing

After being hired but prior to actually going on duty, security officers undergo a rigorous training and orientation process to become familiar with our operating procedures and high standards of excellence

Additionally, prior to each individual assignment they are thoroughly trained on the specific duties they will be required to perform. When appropriate this job-specific training includes certification for special skills such as first aid and CPR.

With the exception of undercover officers and investigators, all security officers will report for duty wearing the distinctive Field Force Protective Services uniform. They will always carry a company identification card and a two-way radio for immediate communication with supervisors.


All clients have direct relationships with every level of the Field Force staff, including managers and supervisors as well as security officers or investigators. For clients contracting for security (as opposed to investigational) services, these relationships include the following types of interaction.


  • Holds weekly meetings with the client to ensure that all needs are being met and requested changes have been made in a timely manner.
  • Is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day for consultation and will respond immediately to all calls from the client.
  • Serves as liaison between the client


  • Makes frequent unannounced visits to the job site at varying hours to inspect the officers on duty.
  • Reviews orders developed by the management and client, and in turn makes sure they are thoroughly understood by the assigned officers.
  • Trains and personally supervises all new officers assigned to an account and documents their training in daily activity logs.
  • Responds to all emergency calls or requests for assistance from officers on duty